Torre hanoi juego de mesa
torre hanoi ludojoc

Tower of Hanoi

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Description: Brain teaser for kids and adults! Ludojoc has an ideal board game for all ages.  
A mathematic challenge whose aim is to move the first tower to the third column. It sounds easy, but you have to follow two basic rules: you can not move more than one disc at a time, and not place a large disk on a small one. A game of intelligence for the most avid!
The Tower of Hanoi is handmade by Eduardo who works with high quality woods that come from forests near his workshop in the Llacuna.
Details: Age: From 8 years old
Measures: 27x 11.5x 10 cm
Weight: 510gr
It is handcrafted with natural wood, polished and treated with natural beeswax.

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