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Description: Would you like to hear the exciting footsteps playing with this ducky?
This kids toy is fully designed and built in wood by Ludojoc. Pushing the stick, the ducky's feet move making a funny noise "plop, plop ... " that arouses the curiosity of all children. An ideal toy to walk with your baby's first steps.
A traditional toy with a modern touch as it shows its colorful hair on the top of his head.  Fun wig which will make the whole family smile
Details: Age: +1 (if she/he walks well alone)
Measures: 13.5x12x6
Weight: 155 gr
Finishes: The colorful toys are beech or ash, are stained with non-toxic dyes and treated naturally with beeswax. For toys without colors we work with woods that stand out because of the natural beauty of their grain, such as fruit trees.
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Categorie(s): BABY & CHILD / Toys

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